„You need to have something to deeply engage with, what you burn for, what makes you be creative and what you do not call WORK“

Working for a San Francisco based tech company in marketing consulting offers me to see places around the globe.

Landscape photography is therefore one of my favorite genres. My camera is always with me, which is sometimes a heavy burden 😉  Living in the Southern-Bavarian Munich area offers me also a wide range of photo spots in the alps and nature.

My big favorite are also people photography and shootings.

Based on my previous company – I am a Photoshop enthusiast and PS is a fix part in my digital imaging and retouching workflow. And the final step in most of my images.

„We are all afraid of time, the way it moves on, the way things go away, and that is why we become photographers. We are essentially protectionists, taking photos to make time stand still, let the moment become …“


DFJV – Deutscher Fachjournalistenverband

Lichtschmiede München – Studio

AK68 – Künstlergemeinschaft Wasserburg am Inn

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